Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's finally DONE!!!!! This stairway that has been a THORN in my SIDE for the past year! It has been in various stages of "not done" all year. I am proud to say that I lovingly stained and top coated each one of the was lots of work, but totally worth it!
And yes, I have as many or more photos of my house on my hard drive as photos of my children.
We are replacing the front door soon, but I gave it a fresh coat of paint in the meantime so it would look nice. We are currently missing door trim, which is being stained as we speak.

chalkboard behind the door--I took an old picture, sprayed it with magnetic chalkboard paint and painted the frame.

I painted a shelf/peg board that I got at a garage sale and put up new photos of the boys I took this summer...
We also put in new tile (love!). I have yet to find a rug that I like for this area.

Here's a view of the steps going into the basement--our new it all.

We also updated our downstairs bathroom. I kept the black and white, but added in a green-apple color. It looks a little off in these photos. The wall color also looks off. It is called "Barnwood" from Waverly, and it is much more taupe than the olive green color that shows in these photos.
Note the cute painted boxes on the toilet (you will need to double click this photo to see them)--got those at a thrift store--they were really ugly. I painted them black and distressed them--I want to paint a number "1" on one and "2" on the other. The beautiful candlesticks were something I had wanted for a long time--bought them with a gift card I got from my best friend!

Our new light and my cute new lamp!

I painted the vanity black and have yet to find hardware that I like.

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