Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Kitchen's Done!

Here's some photos of our kitchen from when we first bought our house. You get the idea: horrible flooring, dated cabinets, ugly countertops, bad appliances and a terrible set-up. The story of the last two homes we have lived in...

Double click the photos if you want to view them larger.
Dad was here for the past few days and he helped me finish off a couple of kitchen projects. It is now (almost) officially done...just a couple of minor details.
New counters, new appliances, painted cabinets, new hardware, new flooring, new lighting, pressed tin backsplash, reconfiguration of the entire workspace.

A collection of pottery from my mama that I have been dying to get up in my house somewhere...

dining area

living room

Our basement family room with new carpet! My wonderful brother in law scored some great used carpet that we had cleaned and installed. It is such great quality! And yes, I know that photo on the right side of the fireplace needs to be up higher. My mom keeps telling me this, but now that I see it in a photo, I get it.

If you make this photo larger, you will see the artwork Graham graciously did on my ottoman in pen last week.

Another photo of my new bathroom. I am working on our second bathroom as we to come sometime soon! Dad put in a new bathroom light this week.

Here's where we started from with that bathroom:

Just had to post a quick pic of Graham's room--I got the larger sailboat at a thrift store a few days ago for $5...they are usually pretty pricey!

Isaac's room got fresh paint and "new" carpet this summer as well...

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