Saturday, April 7, 2012

Smelling Summer

Summer is looming just around the corner, I can smell it! I am SO excited to have a break from homeschooling to work on some home projects that have gotten pushed to the backburner. Here is a list of things I would love to tackle, hopefully there is time to do them all!

*Re-paint master bedroom. Find different side tables/dressers at thrift or garage sales and paint black. Get new lamps. Move three huge photos from downstairs to above the bed. Possibly put decorative shelves on blank wall. Paint chandelier and replace ceiling fan. Wash curtains, completely clean entire room. Possibly move black and white photos from the downstairs bathroom into master bedroom. Here's some inspiration pics via Pinterest:
I love these side tables. They are simple and clean. I seriously need some side tables with drawers for books I am reading, etc.

I love this shelf above the bed and all the accessories.

I adore mercury glass lamps and burlap lampshades, but they are so expensive. Wondering if I can replicate somehow?

*Paint upstairs bathroom a bluish/grayish/turquise-ish color. Move black and white toile shower curtain up from the basement.

*Move Brown and monogram shower curtain downstairs. Incorporate chocolate brown and white color scheme with new towels, etc.

*Overhaul basement school room. Get carpets cleaned. Paint hutch black, possibly chalkboard paint the top doors. Paint desk black and get beveled glass to put over the top. Paint table and chairs black, possibly finish the top of the table in chalkboard paint. Possibly paint dresser in laundry room black and replace bottom drawers with baskets. Move out couch. Bring back denim chair if there is room (probably won't be). Think about re-locating fireplace. Put up shelving from IKEA. Re-organize all supplies. Here's some inspiration pics via Pinterest!
I want to chalkboard paint our school table like this!

Shelving inspiration:

More shelving inspiration...

I have a crappy old dresser I want to do this with. I am thinking of using it in our school room somewhere, or I could move it upstairs and move one of my tables into our master bedroom as a side table.

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