Monday, April 8, 2013

You Right Now

(double click photos)
Right now, you are 15 months and 10 days old. And you are busy. Very, very busy.
You love the dog.  You hug him and yank on his beard and follow him around all day long.  He doesn't mind.  He loves you, too.  With all of his heart.
Sometimes, you make me come undone.  You are so beautiful and soft and I love every, single inch of you.
I love those baby cheeks.  I know they won't be that way very much longer.  Your pudgy little hands will look like those of a big boy before I even know it.
You love The Wiggles.  I am not sure what it is about grown men dancing and singing in brightly colored shirts, but you adore them.  You also love Elmo. 
I am not sure if you ever play with your toys.  Your favorite things are the remote control, mama's cell phone and the plastic cups and bowls in the kitchen cupboards. You love playing basketball with your brothers in the basement, and will carry a basketball around the house everywhere.  Lately, I feel like I am constantly rescuing you from some dangerous situation you have found yourself in.  On top of the kitchen table.  Climbing onto the stove.  Finding some sharp object (sharpened pencils are your current fave) to poke yourself in the eye with.  Your guardian angel is working overtime these days (and so am I).
You love your big brothers.  You adore your Papa.  After Mama, he's the next person in line you want to take you. Sometimes, you get mad.  And when you out!  You like to pinch and scratch anyone in your way.
You love crackers.  You found a bag of your brother's infamous cheezits one day, and you were hooked.  You have stopped loving anything healthy for you.  But, I persevere.  I keep putting it on your tray.  You keep dropping it to the floor for the dog (no wonder he loves you).

I look at you, and can't believe you're mine.  I love this stage, as busy as it is.  I fall in love with you more each day.  You are the absolute love of my days.

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