Friday, February 4, 2011

Shelf-scaping & LEGO organization

Upon a decision to change up an area of my home, I go through a process of tweaking until it "feels" right. Here are three different options for a shelf in my bathroom that needed some love.
Option one: Simple. Three seagrass boxes I got at pottery barn years ago:

Option two: seagrass balls, some beachy looking grass, a frame I have always loved (I obviously would put a photo in there or maybe print out a word or initial on cardstock).

Option three: A little more.

which one do you like?

Isaac and I took the better part of two days to organize his LEGOS. A great LEGO organization system is like the search for the holy is pretty much unattainable. Here is what I came up with, and I hope it works:

LEGOS were sorted by color and put into a plastic drawer storage system. The small plastic tote on top is for the teeny-tiny LEGOS that get lost in the mix. The yellow LEGO head was a Christmas gift from mom and dad.

It has three removeable trays in it, with a grid of graduated sizes. You throw all of your unsorted LEGOS into the top portion, give it a shake, and the LEGOS are sorted by size. I would like to kiss the person who invented this.

We didn't have enough room for the black and grey LEGOS, so they go under a moving bin under his bed. Yes, I know he has an insane amount of LEGOS.

He has been playing LEGOS even more than he did before, and the creations he is coming up with are more inventive because he can now find all of the really "cool" LEGO pieces that got lost before. His little buddies also have fun playing LEGOS when they come over.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

cabin fever

This is what happens when it's been a horrible winter. There is too much snow outside, it is too cold, and we have been inside entirely too much this whole winter.
Graham asked me to put swimming trunks on Griffin the other day, and then he proceeded to put his own swimming gear on, and they pretended they were at the beach. I think Griff actually looks pretty happy about it. He kept those trunks on the rest of the day.

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