about me

Here are ten things about me, in no particular order:
(1) I love scrapbooking.
(2) I love shopping. Thrift stores and discount stores are my favorite places to go.
(3) I love spending time with girlfriends, although this happens far too infrequently. I believe all women need other women-friends to keep them sane.
(4) I feel like I am a creative person in general.
(5) Details are NOT my thing. I tend to gloss over them to my detrement most of the time. I am also a pretty undisciplined person, although I try hard not to be.
(6) I hate winter, I love every moment of summer (except for the mosquitoes)
(7) I am a conservative. I love talk radio, and my favorites are Michael Savage, Rush, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. Someday when I am an empty nester, I can see myself getting involved in the political world somehow.
(8) I wish I were more physically active.
(9) I love my family (kids, husband, mom, dad, in-laws, brothers, sisters, etc.). They are my favorite people to spend time with.
(10) I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew in a very bad way.

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