Sunday, July 17, 2011

The sleepover that almost was

This is a photo I recently found hidden on my laptop, that I had long since forgotten about. Looking at it brought back memories of the night it was taken...
The photo is of Isaac and his best buddy from across the street, Jayce. That night, Jayce and Isaac had cooked up a plan to have a sleepover at Jayce's house. There had been a few sleepovers before this, but they had been at our house. This was the first time Isaac would be staying overnight at someone's home other than a family member. It was a milestone that made this mama a little sad...he was moving one more step away from me. They left with Isaac's bag packed in a flurry of excitement over what fun the evening would hold for them. I closed the door and watched them run across the street from the window with a few tears in my eyes, becoming philosophical about motherhood.
I went to bed that night, knowing my boy would be OK in the care of Jayce's family, and knowing he was right across the street, and knowing this was part of let go one little step at a time.
At about 10:30pm, our doorbell rang.
I answered the door to find my Isaac standing at the front step with Jayce's dad, bag in hand. He kindly explained that Isaac had gotten a little homesick and wanted to come home.
I guess that step away from me was more like a half-step.

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