Sunday, May 13, 2012

Anatomy of Graham

#1: Fleece vest his grandma made him this Spring.  Here's the back story: Isaac and his buddy Jayce were pretending to have a street band.  They wanted matching shirts made by grandma.  Grandma couldn't just make shirts for Isaac and Jayce, so she made one for Graham and his buddy.  It has been a permanent fixture on his body since she gave it to him.  It has blue and purple snowflakes on it.  Thanks, grandma.

#2: Daddy bought him some gardening gloves.  Here's the back story: All Spring, Graham kept digging in the glove drawer searching for some gloves he could wear when he did work in the yard.  Tired of the endless glove mess, daddy relented and bought Graham a pair of gardening gloves.  They have also been a permanent fixture on his body since he got them.

#3: The ginormous cross necklace he refuses to take off.  Also a gift from grandma.  Thanks again, grandma.

#4:  The Crocs, which are a must-have for every preschooler for summer.  Easy to get off.  Easy to put on.  We wear them to the park, to the store, to church, pretty much everywhere.

#5: The Orange mustache from Orange Crush pop, also a gift from grandma (Hmmmmmm, am I seeing a pattern here?)

So, if you see us out and about and Graham is sporting this look, you will now know Graham is just being Graham.  And I love every inch of him.

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