Monday, May 26, 2008

my north dakota boy

Isaac is so enjoying his time on the farm. He goes in and out the door about a hundred times a day. He runs and screams and digs in the dirt and chases kitties all day long (well, in between episodes of spongebob anyway!)

On the road again...

Our life sure is different these days! Gone are the days of running to the grocery store because I am out of baby food or doing other errands after the kids are in bed! I sure have a whole new appreciation for anyone who has raised little kids in rural areas.
Here is a snapshot of our new life these days--lots of time in the car and not as much time sleeping in the car as mama would like. My kids have never been great in-the-car-nappers, but maybe this will change. On this day, I had to take a picture of the boys- they looked so sweet in their little car seats. For a moment, I forgot about all of the problems and hassles that come with a major life change, and just remembered what is truly important. It also was a good reminder of what true peacefulness LOOKS like.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Well, the boys and I have made the move back to ND. I think this move was a lot more stressful then the last one. I still had "mover's fatigue" from the short 21 months ago that we last moved, plus having a baby (who is into EVERYTHING) helped to complicate matters a bit more this time. Oh, and we were all SO sick for the month preceeding the move, so that certainly didn't help! But, we're here. Now comes the task of trying to "set up shop" at my mom and dad's. This will be a task unto itself as all of our "stuff" is awaiting unloading into storage this coming weekend. At that point, we will have to go through everything and find the stuff I need here at mom and dad's. The fun continues on and on! I was telling my mom the other day that I am ready for a BORING moves, no new jobs, no new babies, no new ANYTHING! Just everything "as is."
Dave will be in Des Moines until the last weekend in May, and then he will be done with his job. He has his work cut out for him there, with finishing up the packing and doing all the cleaning and last minute projects. I sure wished I could have gotten more done before I left, or at least been able to come back. But, I can't leave the kids (the baby especially) and didn't think I wanted to attempt living at the house with two kids and practically nothing left there. So, I had to just let it go. Not easy for someone who likes to keep her home just so...I have had to let a lot go lately...
Here are a couple of pictures from my last days at our home in Des moines--our last family picture in our backyard, and a picture from a get together with my dear friends Jamie and Hillary.

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