Saturday, February 20, 2010

My camera and camera gear

What I have:
Nikon D60

Nikkor 18-55mm
Nikkor 55-200mm

Macro lens (supplemental)
Telephoto lens (supplemental)
Wide-angle lens (supplemental)


Bower Bounce Flash

Gary Fong Lightsphere

Photoshop Elements

Savage gray seamless
White seamless
Taupe seamless

Wish List:

Nikon D300 Body only
50 mm lens
MAC computer with HUGE screen
Barnwood flooring
turquise seamless
red seamless

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sometimes we carry something around so long that it becomes a part of us. Then, when suddenly it leaves, we act as though we have a phantom limb. Even though we should be running, we limp.
I had this experience recently. For the past twelve years I have been struggling with a particular issue. So engrained it has become in me, that I cannot hardly imagine a day without it. This morning, in that place between sleep and wake, God brought to mind something He had recently done for us. Then, I recalled a point I had been at about three weeks ago where I had truly given up on this issue. I would like to say that I had all the right reasons for giving up...that I had fully surrendered to God's will and trusted Him completely. But, my reasons for giving up were less-than righteous. I was just flat-out tired of it. I simply just didn't care that much anymore if it ever changed. Then, something happened that I thought never would. God changed the situation and allowed something to happen that I never dreamed possible. And, I almost missed it. Like Martha, I was busy cooking and cleaning and editing my photos and raising my kids. And I almost missed it. It took the silence of sleep to calm my mind enough to get it. God is SO good, His mercies are new every morning. He is faithful when we are not. How I love my Heavenly Father. So undeserving of His love and Grace I am.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A few changes...

January is FINALLY over...hooray! I hate the month of January. Almost as much as I hate the month of February! I have had a big case of the YUCKS lately. I am really wanting this winter to be over, and I am really wanting our house remodel to be DONE and to be able to move on. But, it does help to start getting things together at least a little bit.
My wonderful sister in law came and helped me (well, I am not so sure how much I actually did) hang my master bedroom window treatments I have been dying to get up for about three months. GOOD-BYE ugly metal blinds that were incredibly discolored and dirty! Hello beutiful bamboo blinds! As a side note, my mom got this great wooden curtain rod for me at Hancock Fabrics for 90% off! It was like $7 or some crazy thing like that.

Here is a collection of metal stars I put in my living room. Some of them I painted, some I left the original color. This was inspired this posting by my favorite decorating blogger, The Nester

Here is my new living room set in all is wonderful-ness! I am thinking the space to the left and right of my gallery shelves might be a little bare? I keep telling myself I don't need to fill up every inch of my wall space, but I would really like to put a collection of 11X14's of the boys somewhere.

Please note my wonderful new floor coverings! I got this great rug at (my mom directed me there) where they have way great rugs for super cheap. This is a wool West Elm rug, and it was only $100! (and the shipping was free!)

I got another great indoor/outdoor rug for my kitchen--this reminds me of a Ballard Designs rug and ties in so well with our chandeliers!

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